Piranha C510 5′ x 10′ Plasma Table with Powermax 85 – NEW

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Piranha C510 5′ x 10′ Plasma Table with Powermax 85 & Fast Cam Pro Software

 SKU # 2728000


1. Rugged Construction – All-Welded Steel Frame (not bolt-together) with high accuracy linear guides and bearings. Machine is assembled complete at the factory

2. Dual Side Drive – gantry driven on both sides for maximum stability

3. CNC Control with 10.4” High resolution color LCD monitor, shape library with 20 configurable shapes, 8MB memory & USB interface

4. Panasonic servo motors and drives – Powerful 400 watt servo motors (not stepper motors) on both X-axis and Y-axis with a maximum traverse speed of 8000mm/min.

5. Down draft exhaust system – Pre-vented duct work with exhaust fan for plasma dust extraction – no messy sludge to clean out and dispose of.

6. MicroStep Programmable Torch Height Control – controls torch height automatically

7. Breakaway Torch Mounting – protects the torch from inadvertent part tip-ups

8. FastCAM® Standard Programming System – DXF importing, editing and NC code generator.



Maximum Rapid Speed 393 IPM
CNC Control Starfire
Frame and Bridge Construction Weld Tubular Steel
Drive Motors X-axis – Two Servo Motors Y-axis – Servo Motor Torch Height Control – Stepper Motor
Drive System X-axis – Rack and Pinion each side Y-axis – Rack and Pinion Z-axis – Ball Screw
Torch Control Arc Voltage with Initial Height Sensing
Torch Protection Pneumatic Breakaway
Exhaust Fan 1200 cfm @ 3” H2O


10 GA MS 336 IPM
1/4” MS 164 IPM
3/8” MS 80 IPM
1/2” MS 48 IPM
5/8” MS 30 IPM
3/4” MS 24 IPM


FastCAM® Standard v Professional Feature Description Benefit STD PRO
Fully Integrated Drawing System Create accurate 2D geometry in a fast and simple way using the inbuilt drawing editor. No need for separate cost in buying and learning complicated CAD software. The FastCAM Editor is very easy to learn.

Draw -> Nest-> Cut from one system!

CAD/DXF Compatability DXF is the most common file format for transferring files between CAD & CAM Systems.

All FastCAM systems can import and export DXF files.

CAD -> NC.

Fabricators are supplied job data in a variety of formats. To solve this problem, FastCAM can not only load a range of file types, it includes a suite of CAD smart tools for conversion to NC-ready code making the job input seamless and automatic.

Bulk DXF import Import multiple CAD drawings. Increases job processing speed. X

Automatic Tool Pathing

The software automatically analyzes nests, calculates cutting direction, kerf, entries/exits, sequencing, batch processing, hole avoidance and tabs. Can eliminate 50% of programming time on tool pathing. All paths are reduced to a single mouse click. A substantial time and consumable saver, especially on complex nests and on a large number of cutouts. X
Line Marking Line marking is frequently used for marking the reference lines for subsequent operations such as bending, welding etc. Center points for drilling are also marked on the machine itself. The purpose of marking on the cutting machine is to reduce cycle time and improve relative dimensional accuracy of various operations. X X
FastPLOT™ NC Visual Simulation Easy editing and visual, graphic verification for CAM, DXF and NC code. You can visually check NC code for collisions or general behaviour, convert NC code to DXF, kerf offset NC code, plot NC code or nests for optical or documentation. Minimizes risk on postprocessor by allowing checks on nests. Provides cutting time & distances and gross material utilization, making it ideal for costing and estimating individual parts or complete nests. Shows exactly what will happen when cutting. X X
Automatic Nesting Nest into remnant or odd size plate. Full shape nesting compatible with all industry standards including DXF, IGES, NC, CAM, DSTV input and a large range of NC controls for output. Optimizes the material usage and the sequence of cutting. X
Common Cutting Common cutting is used to cut a common side of two parts at the same time. Can reduce the cutting and halve the piercing by joining two identical parts along a common straight boundary. X





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