Marvel Model 8 Mark II Vertical Tilt Frame Saw, 18″ x 22″ Capacity – NEW

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Marvel Model 8 Mark II Vertical Tilt Frame Saw, 18″ x 22″ Capacity – NEW

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Machine Specifications:
Capacity at 90°: 18” horizontal, 22” vertical
Capacity at 45°: 18” horizontal, 12.75” vertical
Speed Range: 50 – 450 fpm infinitely variable speed drive system.
Feed Range: 0 – 140 lbs. infinitely variable direct reading scale balance beam.
Work Table: 24.25” x 33”, t-slotted accepting .625” t-bolts, 4-slots
Table Height: 34.5”
Blade: 14′ 6″ long x 1″ wide, .035″ thick
Main Motor: 2 H.P., 1800 RPM, totally enclosed fan cooled.
Coolant Pump: 1/8 H.P. 3600 RPM totally enclosed, built in integrally.
Machine Color: Machine Tool Gray
Air Required: 5 cfm, 80 psi min.
Power: Available voltage: 208V, 240V, 480V or 575V, 3ph, 60Hz.
Note: Specific voltage must be specified when ordering.

Machine Features:
Front-Mounted Speed Control:
Allows blade speed to be adjusted from operator’s control station.

Miter Cutting:
Column and blade tilt up to 45° right and left of vertical; work always stationary. Built-in protractor.

Quick-Action Vise:
Maximum opening 20” (457 mm). Jaws can be shifted to either right or left side of blade.
Jaws are 6” (152 mm) high, 12” (305 mm) wide.

Automatic Stops:
Adjustable stops can be pre-set to stop advance and return of blade and to stop motor at any location within the 18” (457 mm) travel of the blade.

Coolant System:
Built in with flood system. Available with added optional lubrication system, options codes ML1 and ML2 controlled by on-off selector switch at operator’s station. Tank capacity 21 gallons.

Flushing Hose:
Washes chips from hard to get at places reducing clean-up time.

Power Chip Brush:
Together with blade wipers and flood coolant keep blade teeth free of chips.

Carbide Guide System:
Solid carbide post design equipped with Patent Pending Marvel Easy Load Guide Blocks. Upper and lower guides have preloaded carbide faced back-up blocks to support back edge of blade.

IEC fused disconnect switch and magnetic motor starters, with overload and low-voltage protection. DC power supply provides low voltage control (24 volts) to all push buttons at operator’s control panel and machine lighting circuits. PLC control and components mounted in moisture proof NEMA 12 compartment. The Electrical Control Panel is U.L. labeled.

Main Motor: 5HP, 1800rpm, totally enclosed fan cooled.
Coolant Pump: 1/8HP, totally enclosed, built-in integrally
Available Voltage: 208V, 240V, 480V, 3-Phase, 60Hz.

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18" x 22"


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