Cole-Tuve 10′ x 2 3/4″ Hydraulic CNC 4-Roll Plate Roll, Model 4RS 10-640NC

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Asset Number: 12129

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Cole Tuve Four Roll Plate Bending Roll, Model 4RS-10-640 – 2012!

Serial # SL-230897
Asset # 12129

    Rolls Table Length 122”
    Rolling Capacity 2 3/4”
    Material Diameter 12’
    Center Rolls Diameter 25”
    Lateral Rolls Diameter 30”
    Max. Opening between Central Rolls 5.5”
    Rotation Speed    5-16 fpm
    Number of Motorized Rolls 3
    Installed Power 105 Kw
    Voltage/Frequency/Phases 480 V-60 hz – 3 PH
    Approximate Weight 149,500 lbs
    Approximate Dimensions 285” x 155.5”
    Approximate Height 130”

    Display 7” Color LCD, 800 x 400 Resolution
    DRAM 64 MB DDR2
    Storage 128 MB Flash
    RTC Built In

Machine comes with Siemens CNC controls with integrated PLC. Includes Electro-mechanical overhead support device, 2 Hydraulic side supports with sheet squaring and cone rolling capabilities.

Can integrate with Panjiris Tank Welding & Grow Line.


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