Clausing 32″ x 60″ Hydraulic Surface Grinder, Model CSG3260 ASD III

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Asset Number: 13852C

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Clausing 32” x 60” Hydraulic Surface Grinder, Model CSG3260ASDIII

Asset # 13852C

Table Size 31.9” x 60”
Max. Grinding Length 61”
Max. Grinding Width 31.9”
Max. Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Centerline 28.3”
Standard Magnetic Chuck Size (2) 31.5” x 29.5” ea
Longitudinal Movement of Table
Hydraulic 63”
Manual 64.9”
Table Speed Infinitely Variable 196-984”/min.
Column Cross feed Transverse Travel
Auto Transverse Increment (Jog) 0.04” – 1”
Auto Constant Feeding Speed 1” – 11” / min
Max. Auto Transverse Travel 33.8”
Max. Manual Transverse Travel 34.8”
Handwheel per Revolution 0.004”
Handwheel per Graduation .00004”
Wheelhead Vertical Infeed
Automatic Infeed 0.05” jogging downfeed 0.25/10000”
Step Feed (Jog) 1-25/10000”
Manual Pulse Generator (per graduation) .00005”
Rapid Travel Approx. 18”
Slow Travel Approx. 0.25”
Handwheel per Revolution 0.004”
Handwheel per Graduation 0.00004”
Grinding Spindle Drive
Speed 1750
Power Rating 15 HP
Standard Grinding Wheel
Diameter 16”
Width 2”
Bore 5”
Hydraulic Motor 10 HP
Crossfeed Motor 2.6 HP
Elevating Motor 2.6 HP
Total Space Required 244” x 146” x 109” H
Net Weight 29,700 lbs.
Gross Weight 33,000 lbs.

Preliminary Specifications – Subject to Verification

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