Clausing 12″ x 24″ Hydraulic Automatic Surface Grinder – NEW

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Clausing 12” x 24” Automatic Surface Grinder, Model CSG1224ASDIII – NEW

Asset # 13195N

Table Size 12″ x 24″
Max. Grinding Length (Longitudinal) 23.62″
Max. Grinding Width (Crosswise) 11.81″
Max. Distance From Table Surface To Spindle Centerline: Standard 23″
Standard Magnetic Chuck Size 11.81″ x 23.63″
Longitudinal Movement Of Table
Max. Travel (Hydraulic) 25.59″
Max. Travel (Manual) 28.74″
Table Speed Infinitely Variable .196″-.984″/Min.
Crossfeed Transverse Travel
Auto Transverse Increment .04″ – .75″
Auto Constant Feeding Speed .79″-12.6″/Min.
Max. Auto Transverse Travel 12.2″
Max. Manual Transverse Travel 13.39″
Handwheel Per Revolution 0.2″
Handwheel Per Graduation 0.0008″
Wheelhead Vertical Downfeed
Automatic Infeed .00005″-.0025″
Step Feed (Jog) .00004″
Rapid Travel Approx. 6″/Min
Slow Travel, Approx. .236″/Min
*Minimum Display Value .00004″
Grinding Spindle Drive
Speed (Rpm) 1750
Power Rating 5 HP
Standard Grinding Wheel
Diameter 12″
Width 1.25″
Bore 3″
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP
Crossfeed Motor 750w
Elevating Motor 1/4 HP
Total Space Required (Lxwxh) 106.3″ x 63″ x 73″
Rated Power, Approx. 8.25 HP
Packing Dimensions 98″ x 84″ x 83″
Weight 4,387 Lbs.

C0109 – 12″ x 24″ Electromagnetic Chuck
C0605 – Spare Wheel Flange
C0204 – 31 Gallon Coolant with Manual Paper Feed
C0702 – Manual over the Wheel Dresser

Preliminary Specifications – Subject to Verification

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