Atlas No. 3 Arbor Press, 12 Tons

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Asset Number: 12239

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Atlas Model 3 Arbor Press, 12 Tons

Serial# 052114
Stock #12239

Catalog Specifications:
Bench type with floor pedestal
Pressure 12 tons
Largest diameter work 20″
Largest diameter arbor 5″
Capacity over table 18-1/2″
Capacity over table plate 17″
Size and length of ram 2″x2″x24″
Leverage ratio 112:1
Bench space 13″ x 21″
Floor space 21″ x 30″
Height of press body 36″
Pedestal height 33″
Approximate weight 1,015 lbs

Preliminary Specifications – Subject to verification

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12 Tons


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